How Long Until I Can Roll Down My Windows?

Most of the time we ask that you wait one day to roll down your
windows. However, more time may be required in cold or rainy weather.

Will The Film Affect My Rear Window Defroster?

No.  There should be no effect on the defroster with the application of
window film.

How Do I Clean My Window?

Always use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. A mild soapy
water solution works best.

What’s My Warranty?

All of our films carry our nationwide lifetime warranty against adhesion
failure. Peeling, Bubbling, Blistering , Delaminating, Demetiltizing, and
turning purple.

Is The Warranty Transferable?

No. The warranty is only valid as long as you own the vehicle.

What If I Move Out Of The Area
If you need warranty work and you’ve moved away from the area, you
can call the toll free number on your warranty card and they will refer
you to the dealer closest to you.

What If I Scratch The Film?

Although the film is scratch resistant, it is NOT scratch proof and
sometimes scratching can occur. We can replace the film, however, it
is not covered by your warranty.

Can You Tint My Front Windshield

No. But we can install a six inch strip along the top of your

My Front Driver & Passenger Windows have 
small “nicks’ In Them. Why?

When exiting certain vehicles, the shoulder strap will often
swing and hit the window causing small nicks in the film.

Can I Apply Film On Top Of Existing Window Film or, can 
I apply Another Layer Of Film To Make It Darker

Applying film on top a existing film is not recommended,
and is not under warranty. Adhesion problems and/or
distortion can develop.

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